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Plus-Factors Minus-Factors

  • PLUS-FACTORS in the service we offer

    Mito Snc provides your manager with a single contact, meeting all requirements for achievement of the product you are aiming for.
    All you have to do is check the final quality and quantity,
    offloading all the costs and problems in management of the production chain.

  • MINUS-FACTORS in the conventional management approach

    A staff that controls:
    * the design engineer
    * the people who construct the moulds
    * the foundry that moulds the material
    * the mechanical engineering shop that does the rough machining
    * the contractors who carry out grinding, cleaning, satin-finishing, galvanic Zapon coating and painting to finish the surface.
    * assembly contractor, if used

    AND HAVING TO ENSURE that the various operations are carried out smoothly and in co-ordination

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